X230 Densi-Proof™ Repeller

A single pack one application spray on system that deeply penetrates new or old concrete, provides permanent waterproofing, curing and surface protection.

Cures, Waterproofs, Hardens, Densifies & Seals the surface of the concrete
Environmentally Friendly & HACCP Certified – Low Odour – 0.0g/l VOC
Ideally applied as a cure at time of pour by spray
Can be applied to existing if clean and porous
Protect the surface from contamination
Reduces Tyre Noise , Tyre marks & Dust
No mechanical removal of curing membrane required when line marking or painting
UV Resistant & Retards Efflorescence
Resists Oil Staining & Alkali Attack
A 15 year warranty can be provided with a project specification. Product must be applied by a trained applicator (training complimentary)

  • Car parks
  • Basements
  • Super markets
  • Hardware stores
  • Any concrete elements that require waterproofing and surface protection